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Lista kanałów dostępnych w Europie za pomocą satelity
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Funkcja ta ma na celu pokazanie na mapie wielkości anteny, zapewniającej dobry odbiór,
mapa aktualizowana na podstawie raportów użytkowników. Twoje uwagi szczegółowe dla każdej wiązki są również dostępne na mapie.

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Teoretyczny zasięg wiązki - częstotliwości: Badr 6  Badr6-BSS

Szczegółowe raporty i komentarze na temat tej wiązki:

2017-01-26 13:59:49DANRICKO (-,0cm) ? tres bonne réception avec 1.20m et lnb 0.2db dans le centre de la france

2016-03-20 01:33:13jose445 (41.7600-3.36000,80cm) ? España,VITORIA 11785 v 27500 60%

2016-03-20 01:27:53jose445 (41.7600-3.36000,80cm) ? 11785 v 27500 60%

2015-12-04 12:47:11chistera (43.5N-1.8W,120cm) signal ok pays basque *biarritz nparabole de 1.20 cm

2015-10-24 18:17:32Predrag12345 (-,110cm) 70%

2015-01-04 14:06:21gaston8 (-,0cm) ? j ai pas captrer bader 5&6 in bruxelle avec dish100cm pourquoi

2015-01-04 14:03:08gaston8 (-,0cm) ? بصحن80سم يمكن التقاط بدر 4 فقط ببلجيكا لماذا

2015-01-04 14:01:14gaston8 (-,0cm) ? في بلجيكا يمكن التقاطبدر 4 فقط لماذا

2014-01-20 21:31:13bloquenarro (41N-0.9W,80cm) ? I want to know if badr with dish of 80cms in enough por beint sport

2013-11-06 21:52:15spinner (45.5N-9.2E,120cm) ok in milan

2013-11-06 21:49:52spinner (45.5N-9.2E,120cm) ok in milan

2013-11-06 21:49:43spinner (45.5N-9.2E,120cm) ok in milan

2013-09-24 01:33:42yessy123 (49.2N-10.2E,100cm) ? how can i get BADR6 in luxembourg plez ? 1m dish is it okey ? pour une assiette de 100 cm , puis je capter Bdr 6 svp ? merci

2013-08-19 18:08:19lgb (35.4N-22.5E,200cm) Good reception, very strong signal with Orbit 7203 antenna

2012-09-22 19:13:01dennmtr (37.7N-21.5E,90cm) very strong signal here in peloponesse (90cm)

2011-04-14 09:48:39GBI (52.4N-5.5E,110cm) Fantastic signal.

2011-02-27 20:16:21ouchihasat (-,120cm) bonjour je suis de paris et jai une parabole de 120cm je narrive pas a capter les frequences 11727,11747,11785 sur badre 26°

2010-12-14 19:49:15paris75018 (48.6N-0.8W,110cm) je suis de paris je capte tout badr 4 et quelque chaine de badr 6

2010-12-14 16:03:30florin36 (45.2N-25.9E,100cm) i don t receive nothin on badr 6 in medias, romania. i search for 11843 H, but nothing. a big antena is necessarly, around 2 meter in diameter, here in central romania.

2010-11-06 20:30:01andressis2k (37.4N-4.8W,135cm) Good signal

2010-10-01 19:43:59kamelop (40.3N-1.4E,80cm) GOOD RECEPTION

2010-03-15 15:32:41c-steph7 (32.5N-16.9W,100cm) Good reception in Madeira Island all frequencies around 60/70 reception signal

2010-01-19 22:13:50andres_alonso (37.2N-1.9W,80cm) I get only 7 transponders, as well as in Badr 4, but these have more quality level and don't show pixelation. Anyway this is a very little number of them and a bigger antenna is a must. I thought this satellite would be easier to catch at its full, but I was wrong

2009-06-03 01:51:27big heart (59.1N-16.2E,120cm) ? لايمكن استقبال بدر 6 في السويد لماذا

2009-05-28 22:56:32qastal (65.2N-14.8E,0cm) لايمكن استقبال بدر 6 في السويد لماذا

2009-04-25 14:11:48nazanin (57.5N-11.9E,95cm) 11.9E/57.5N 95cm

2009-04-18 14:52:37sissou2i@yahoo. (-,85cm) prima di agosto con parabola di 85cm potevo vedere tutti canali di badr4 e badr6 adesso non reisco piu a vedere i canali di badr 6 why?

2009-04-16 23:24:05darkblue2" (-,80cm) ? taille parabole pour badr 4/6 ?

2009-04-15 23:00:52bog4u (44N-24.9E,120cm) No signal 120cm&180cm antenna beam bss badr6!

2009-04-12 06:35:19abti (-,0cm) ? how can i get badr6 in hollond

2009-01-29 00:22:21Low Profile (45N-1.6E,220cm) Fox movies on 11843 H 27500 3/4 Very low signal, but receivable 45°North

2008-12-13 21:26:18sal (52.2N-1.5W,100cm) no signal from badr 6

2008-12-07 17:55:16sam2000 (48.7N-2E,120cm) ? Badr 6 is not good because the beam coverage can’t received in europe.

2008-11-22 00:23:39how (48.7N-2.5E,110cm) badr 6 pas de signal a paris

2008-11-22 00:19:28how (48.7N-2.5E,110cm) badr 6 pas de signal,badr 4 que mbc pas de signal

2008-10-17 14:04:11saber (52.3N-5.2E,110cm)

2008-10-06 13:54:17pride21 (50.7N-1.3W,150cm) on a dry day get all channels

2008-09-28 15:50:30bentulan23 (-,120cm) 11727H; 11747V; 11862V; 11804H; 11843H has no signal from 120cm dish in UK , how come ?

2008-09-05 20:33:14deepbluesky (49N-9.3E,0cm) ? @mouss31: Badr6 is ok, your dish is just far too small. Cannot tell you the minimum needed for proper reception of all transponders but the first reports show that you might need around 2.40m solid.

2008-09-04 14:30:26mouss31 (48.6N-7.4E,130cm) here in strasbourg no reception for Badr 6 or in june everything was ok . Ther is a pb with satellite ?

2008-08-30 17:48:37Lassaed (-,100cm) Good signal

2008-08-19 23:58:04deepbluesky (49N-9.3E,0cm) ? Here's how the situation looks like in Italy: Badr 6 needs bigger dishes. Its beam is much more concentrated over Northern Africa. In Greece things are much worse. In Thessaloniki and Alexandroupolis a 1.20m cannot get anything except of 11823V. Western Europe looks to be more lucky since in the UK somebody gets it on a 1.80m high quality Precision dish.

2008-08-19 11:54:51mars13127 (43.7N-4.4E,100cm) 11727 H ; 11747 V ; 11843 H pas de reception entre environ 8 heure du matin et 16h30 apres sa marche pourquoi? merci

2008-08-19 11:53:13mars13127 (43.7N-4.4E,100cm) 11727 H ; 11747 V ; 11843 H no reception between 8 oclock and 16.30 oclock a day why ?

2008-08-14 10:23:33Amin33F (44.6N-0.5W,100cm) Today in bordeaux france, no more reception of 11727 H ; 11747 V ; 11843 H . Badr 6 is not for europeans viewvers.

2008-08-10 20:25:23satsearcher (53.7N-1.7W,120cm) No reception of BADR 6 BSS beam, other BADR 6 come in strong.

2008-08-09 20:19:19Amin33F (44.6N-0.5W,100cm) No reception in bordeaux france of frequency 11804 H ; 11862 V ; 11900 V . Others good reception.

2008-08-07 21:45:34laachi (48.2N-20E,110cm) no reception in North Hungary of frquency 11900 V

2008-08-07 18:44:03Amin33F (44.6N-0.5W,100cm) No reception in bordeaux france of frequencies 11900 V

W celu publikowania własnych raportów odbioru należy zdefiniować pozycję i rozmiar anteny w ustawieniach


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